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We don’t want to toot our own horns, but we love it when others do it for us!


Alexander Kjerulf

Founder and CEO of WooHoo Inc., Happiness at Work, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Invited speaker at the World Government Summit (Dubai, UAE; 2018). 

“What an awesome decision! You have exactly the combination of research insights and presentation skills that this field sorely needs. You are going to kick so much butt! I'm honored that you ask for a testimonial. How's this? Louise is awesome. She is a clear and energizing presenter, and she also has a deep understanding of the research in the field that makes her message authentic and impactful. She will rock the stage and change your organization for the better.”

(How was that?! Just great, Alex!) 

Her Highness Sheikha Intisar AlSabah,

Director and Founder of Alnowair

Kuwait’s first and only dedicated national positivity engine

“Dr. Louise has an amazing way to make things look simple, work with ease and perform superbly and sublimely. She has been instrumental in our curriculum and research for Bareec and also is now supporting our research for Alnowair. I am in awe of her ability to do so much in such a short time; this has helped us tremendously throughout the past 4 years. I always look forward to finding a reason to engage her skills and knowledge because she always surpasses my expectations. Much Love, Intisar.”

Dr. Meg Warren, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor, Western Washington University, USA, Co-Editor, International Journal of Wellbeing, Founding President, Work & Organizations Division, International Positive Psychology Association, Founder, Western Positive Psychology Association

“I have collaborated with Louise on many projects over the last 5 years and she always amazes me. She lives positive psychology in its true sense – pursuing excellence with passion, and with a desire to strive for wellbeing in the UAE, and more broadly in MENA. Louise is a leader who is unafraid to dive into unchartered waters. She has pioneered many ‘firsts’ – the first positive psychology journal in the Middle East, scholarly regional book on positive psychology, manual for positive psychology instructors, positive education program in the UAE and Kuwait, positive psychology division, etc. She is easy to work with, open to new ideas, and has immense determination to see projects through to the end – qualities that are fundamental to leading innovation. I look forward to seeing how her practical work unfolds and the positive impact she will make in the near future.” 

Wayne Young 

Director of Wellness at New York University
Abu Dhabi, UAE.

“Louise came to NYUAD to present two sessions entitled "Working Towards a Positive University". Attendance for both sessions was very close to being maxed out and I can safely say that these sessions were wanted and needed. Her talk focused on what a positive university would look like, the elements needed to bring about such a wide-spread organizational change, and how all levels of the university could work together to become more successful both personally and professionally. After each talk, numerous attendees thanked me for inviting her, some wanted to hear it again a second time! The feedback we received was positive in every way.” 

Mark Samways 

Head of Positive Education (Year 7 to 10) 
Dubai College, Dubai (UAE)

“Louise has been instrumental in getting our Positive Education program off the ground by helping us create a school wide curriculum. She is also leading the research that is taking place to measure wellbeing among our students to ensure that the program is effective. I really cannot speak highly enough of her and the impact she’s had at our school. She has led staff training and the response from staff was overwhelmingly positive. It was the perfect start to our school year and gave us the momentum and drive we were looking for. She is extremely professional and organised but above all else is very personable and diligent. Her subject knowledge is outstanding and always presents the very latest research. We feel incredibly privileged to work with her and it is a relationship we hope will run long into the future.” 

Gaja Kruchlik  

Head of Alnowair, Kuwait

Managing Director of Yellow Submarine

“It has been a breeze to work with Dr. Louise! She is very approachable, makes complicated things look simple, is extremely helpful, fast, fun to work with, friendly and above all her work is amazing. We have had the opportunity to work with her on two projects so far, and she is currently conducting a research analysis for our Boomerang Program. Being an NGO, we need our work to really speak for itself, and Dr. Louise’s impeccable nature helps us achieve that.” 

Ana Rijo Da Silva 

Head of Human Resources at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal

“Louise’s presentation was great, better than great, it was awesome. Congratulations are in order!” 

Stuart Walker

Head of School, CEO Gems World Academy
Dubai, UAE

"We are indeed pleased to have Dr. Louise sitting on the Gems World Academy Advisory Board. She has been instrumental in helping us shape inclusion policies at the school and consider additional ways for wellbeing to take root across the student body. Glad to have her!"

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