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Building your Empire 

Much has been written about the stress entrepreneurs face, yet few tackle it. From feeling anxious, lonely, and misunderstood by family and friends, to being exhausted, unsure of one’s self, and acting like it’s all good, hustle culture is costly.


Building an empire demands the same skills as an Olympian: diligence and hard practise, as well as rest and recovery via a supportive network and the strengthening of one’s emotional self-regulation, resilience, the ability to reframe, to be optimistic, as well as deal with and manage priorities.

This 1-day workshop discusses the strains of entrepreneurship and helps participants redefine how they want the hustle to go; stressed and resentful or able to pace one’s self, feel a sense of purpose and maintain an orderly ‘plan.’ This is an intense day for those pressed for time and with much to accomplish. 


Investing in this workshop would be well supported by angel investors as the best gift they could give their ‘investments’. Even if you work for yourself, happiness at work and your mental and emotional wellbeing are important - your productivity will improve and you might enjoy the journey more.

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