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Character Strengths Development for Nationalization Programs

Nationalization programs are moving ahead full-speed across the GCC nations, and private sector organizations and national youth would both benefit by incorporating our development programs into the onboarding process.

We have developed several modules - based on positive psychology research - for organizations to help successfully integrate and prepare young nationals for the rigors of work.

We use a character strengths approach - built on the psychological competencies known to underlie the development of 21st century work skills - and incorporate activities, self-assessments and practical tasks in collaboration with managers. The goal of these programs is the development of greater persistence, integrity, social intelligence, emotional self-regulation, humility, and other psychosocial skills that enable achievement in the workplace. 

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Return to Work

Unemployed individuals can also benefit from discovering and developing their character strengths and deploying these towards their participation in the labour market. This program considers the emotional consequences of being out of work and the need to restore one’s sense of identity, self-efficacy, and positive affect.

The 6-week program is best undertaken within existing social and financial assistance programs and serves as the missing psychological link to spark a desire to keep searching for work. Studies show that identifying strengths has large effects on depression, self-esteem and psychological distress, and small effects on wellbeing.


Young adults who receive strengths-based career counselling are more likely to be employed three months post-intervention - versus those receiving traditional services - and also have increased earning power over time. The strengths covered in this program include: Perspective, Learning and Open-Mindedness; Emotional Self-Regulation; Hope and Optimism; Persistence and Bravery.

Visioning and Planning
for National Wellbeing

Based on academic research and government experience as an official in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada, Deputy Canadian Ambassador to the UAE, Palestine, and other regions, we are especially proud to offer a Master Class in “Building Wellbeing into National Policy” for post-secondary students studying in political science, sociology, diplomacy, or international affairs, as well as interested government leaders, ministers, policy practitioners and other relevant organizations across the region.

This course introduces concepts of happiness and wellbeing as they apply to public policy-making and focuses on how to best design, implement, and measure happiness and wellbeing policies.


Such policies can address challenges such as community growth, human capital, and socio-economic development, transforming them into opportunities for greater growth across the region and beyond.

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