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Happiness Matters at Work

This workplace positivity program is rooted in positive organizational psychology, and offers employees the tools to generate more positive and productive workplace experiences.


These tools create changes in thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, encouraging employees to take responsibility for their broader wellbeing.


The course includes topics like workplace social connections, meaning and purpose at work, positive emotions, as well as character strengths identification and use. Participants are encouraged to take on initiatives, habits shifts, and change projects in the workplace. This is a two-day workshop. 

Developing Better Managerial Relationships

Are you a manager who’d like to develop better and more positive relationships with your employees? We will walk you through several positive psychology interventions, such as gratitude, appreciation, strengths spotting and the use of small micro-connections that help build greater social connections.

We also take a look at your character strengths, as well as those of your team in a bid to work together better, but also understand where strengths might bump up against one another.


Finally, we help you assess yourself on what matters most to employee happiness and set small actionable goals towards achieving these with ease.

Character Matters at Work 

Workplace character strengths include persistence, integrity/ethics, social intelligence, vitality, and self-regulation. These can be useful in determining employee capabilities and the soft skills required during the recruitment and selection of personnel.


Strengths can also be useful in determining team composition; for instance, idea creators are usually high in creativity, vitality, curiosity, while implementers score high on persistence, integrity and self-regulation. Strengths development can also be used as part of annual reviews.

The ‘Character Matters’ course begins with a half-day workshop to orient employees to the concept of strengths during which they identify their strengths and develop plans to craft their jobs to be more amenable to using them. Additional modules are offered based on identified need.

Team Building

Explore a number of our team building activities where members can learn how best to work together and learn from one another. We can take your team through the reflected best self activity as well as character strengths spotting. These activities help employees identify when they are at their best, often seen by others, but not one’s self, as well as  appreciate the workplace strengths of others, especially useful in knowing who to turn to and for what reasons.


We also can do sessions on job crafting, the practise of transforming the jobs employees have into jobs they love. When everyone can identify and value the strengths others bring to a team, everyone wins, but work is also more effective and innovative too.

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