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Happiness Matters in School

We work with schools and universities to implement positive psychology/positive educational intervention programs right in the classroom. We have year-long weekly intervention programs for secondary school and university students. These include student manuals, teacher guides, as well as suggested measures useful in assessing changes to student wellbeing.


We also include the teacher training for such programs and offer education in positive psychology and positive education to teachers themselves. We independently assess the changes made in classrooms based on our programs and have published many of these results in the scientific literature.

Character Matters in School

We have a character strengths course for high school and university students which not only focuses on the development of character skills for a good life, but those needed to prepare students for the workplace as well.


Strengths include emotional self-regulation, integrity and honesty, persistence/dealing with failure, and a love of learning, among others. We embed these into the development of a CV and LinkedIn profile, brainstorm about where students can attain additional skills, and practise interviewing and elevator pitches as examples. We use a variety of activities, examples, and vignettes to help them learn about the workplace and what is required of them beyond credentials and their GPA.


Our goal is to develop not only good workers, but good citizens too. Ask about our industry-partner incubator model, which can help make your university a local hiring institution of choice.

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